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Wise Harmony 6 Inch Steel Tongue Drum

Wise Harmony 6 Inch Steel Tongue Drum

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  • CREATE SOOTHING MELODIES for meditation, relaxation and stress relief with Wise Harmony Steel Tongue Drum. Calming vibrations support sound healing and synchronization of body, mind and thoughts.
  • 8-NOTE HAND DRUM in C key provides a wide range of sounds perfectly in tune with each other. Achieve inner tranquility and balance chakras using this easy to master hand pan drum with music book.
  • GLOW-IN-THE-DARK STICKERS label each note of the 6-inch steel tongue drum. Tap out ethereal meditation music in a darkened studio or outdoors at night with this opulent percussion instrument for adults.
  • FOR ALL MUSICIANS regardless of skill level, the Wise Harmony Hang Drum Instrument can be played with its 2 included mallets or 4 finger picks. Any combination of notes creates soothing melodies
  • EXQUISITELY PACKAGED and ready to bestow as spiritual gifts for women and men, Wise Harmony Steel Pan Instruments are durable and beautiful. Choose from white, red, blue or black for your zen decor.

Details: Get In-Tune from Head to Toe The Wise Harmony Tongue-Drum produces rich, resonating tones to relax the body and spirit and put you into the right frame of mind for yoga, meditation, self-healing, dance and communing with nature. Dating back to ancient Greece, this sound-healing practice is associated with a variety of wellness benefits including enhanced memory, concentration and sleep, heightened awareness, creativity, clarity and relaxation. Our luxurious tongue drum lets anyone unlock the healthful advantages of sound-healing-instruments. Premium Alloy Design Each steel-pan-instrument is cut and modulated by hand to achieve deep, vibratory sound marked by crisp notes and beautiful undertones. These percussion-instruments-for-adults are corrosion- and heat-resistant so you can pack and play them in any climate or environment. Immerse yourself in a forest or sit next to a babbling brook with friends, accompanying their singing bowls, tablas, chimes and harps in a breathtaking and centering symphony for the soul. Easy for Everyone to Learn Even if you have never played musical-instruments before, the Wise Harmony Steel-Tongue-Drum is an excellent starting point. Its 8 notes in the key of C are perfectly attuned to each other. Every melody you play, whether from the included songbook or by improvisation, wafts on the air like a magnificent opus. Packed in a tasteful presentation box with 2 mallets and 4 finger picks, this shaman-drum is destined to stand-out among other relaxation-gifts-for-women and men. Choose from red, white, blue or black to complement their spiritual decor or speak to their body and mind. Introduce the healing properties of sound to your self-care regimen. Add the Wise Harmony Steel Tongue Drum to your meditation-accessories today.

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